Our Mission:

Provide a fast, efficient, and environmentally
sound option for haulers and businesses.

Did you know?
• In 2007, Americans threw out

about 570 billion pounds

of municipal solid waste.
Our Goal:

Our goal is to preserve the environment by
diverting clean, recyclable materials from landfills.

Did you know?
Green waste recycling

can keep 23%

of waste out of landfills.

Welcome to INC Environmental Recycling:

Serving Commercial and Residential Customers

If you are participating in a zero waste initiative or want to meet ISO standards, INC Environmental Recycling can help. We are experts at diverting waste from landfills by offering sustainable solutions that protect our environment and help your bottom line. INC Environmental Recycling is a consortium of like-minded waste management companies with a strong commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle commercial and industrial waste. Our cooperative mission allows us to recycle waste and debris that would otherwise end up on Missouri landfills.

We strive for:

  • A fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly workflow to remove, divert, and recycle waste from your home or business
  • Construction waste disposal that diverts clean construction waste and debris from landfills
  • Support of LEED projects
  • Environmental sustainability

INC Environmental Recycling offers hauling and drop-off services and a 7,200 square foot facility for sorting materials.

Serving St. Charles and Surrounding Counties.


Call 636-294-9502 for a waste audit.

We’ll assess materials and load size/type, then give you a quote based on your needs!